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Program Description
Download and install latest version of AeroTrax free of charge.

AeroTrax PC Flight Logbook is a flight logbook application that contains both manual
and automatic functionality.

Users of the US Airways (PHX base) Maestro™ Scheduling system can utilize the automatic features of the program
by downloading trips onto there computer and then:
  • Importing the downloaded trip data into AeroTrax.
  • Print 'TripTrax' flight data sheets.
  • Import future flight and training schedules into
    Outlook and Thunderbird calendar programs, and publish to Google calendar.
  • Import FFDO flight schedules that can be pasted into the dashboard.
Both (PHX base) Maestro™ users and all others can still
take advantage of the manual features of the application:
  • Manual adding and editing of flights.
  • Tracking of landing currency.
  • Tracking of FAA medical requirements.
  • Publish flight events to the Google calendar.
Users of the AeroTrax Mobile application for the Android operating system
can take advantage of additional features as long as the Google calendar
system is used to post flight events:
  • Automatic import of completed flight events.
  • Creation of new flight events to the Google calendar.
AeroTrax uses the ClickOnce™ installation technology for deployment.
When AeroTrax is started, the application will attempt to contact the
AeroNauticalTrax web server and download and install any updated files.
This process is very efficient since only the changed files are downloaded.

All versions of AeroTrax PC are available for free download and use.
  • US Airways (PHX base) VERSION
    Users of US Airways (PHX based) Maestro™ Scheduling system can utilize
    the additional features available, by selecting 'US Airways-PHX(AWE)' from the 'Airline' selection
    box available from the 'Tools>Options' main menu.
    All other airline pilots, corperate pilots and general aviation pilots are invited to download and install
    the general version of AeroTrax PC. All of the currently available features are free to the user
    and additional features that are only available to PHX based pilots will be added in the future
    (TripTrax flight event sheets, FFDO schedule posting ...).

    The AeroTrax PC version is now being offered free of charge to draw attention to the AeroTrax Mobile Android
    Application that is offered for sale. Even if the user does not purchase the paid Android app, you are still
    welcome to use the free PC logbook application.
    Download and install latest version of AeroTrax free of charge.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at
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